About Us


The Trustees are delighted to report that during 2013-14 the organisation continued to thrive and develop as a professionally run resource to the community. A number of exciting initiatives were continued and started during the year; including taking on the whole of lease for the building that used to be Glebe House from Gloucestershire County Council.


We are always looking out for new funding to ensure the continuation and development of GL11. If you would like to make a donation or have ideas for taking GL11 forward, please contact the manager, Indigo.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our current funders who include:


Just over a decade ago local families were facing the closure of their Family Centre – a county council run facility in Fairmead, Cam. The potential loss of this much-needed centre motivated families who, with the support of several local councillors, fought for some form of service to be retained here in the community. GL11 Community Project came into being in late 2001.

Meet the Staff

Indigo Redfern


Indigo brings a wealth of experience in community development, fundraising, business and project management. As a local resident, Indigo is keen to ensure that GL11 responds to the needs of local people and helps to build a thriving community.