The Trustees are delighted to report that during 2013-14 the organisation continued to thrive and develop as a professionally run resource to the community. A number of exciting initiatives were continued and started during the year; including taking on the whole of lease for the building that used to be Glebe House from Gloucestershire County Council. This has been a huge undertaking and presented the organisation with a number of opportunities, including the development of a greater range of groups and partnerships resulting in more courses and activities for people using the organisation.

In spite of the difficult funding environment, the trustees are pleased to say that GL11’s financial situation is sound. This is based on many years of careful management by the staff and trustees of GL11 and is confirmed following the independent examination of the GL11’s accounts.

Further details of the full Trustees Report and Annual Accounts are available and will be published on this website.

GL11 Community Hub is a registered charity and a limited company. Our Board of Trustees meets regularly with Indigo to review and plan what we do.